A fake commercial directed by André Hedetoft & Andreas Climent.

Starring: Håkan Olsson and Linnea Pihl. DOP: Chris Maris. FAD: Dawid Ullgren. VFX Supervisor: Martin Chab. Score: Tom Shike. Makeup: Anna Mirow. Costume: Sandra Haraldsen. On Set Sound: Tahu Parkinson. First Assistant Cameraman: Johan Hedelius. Extras: Ulf Hedetoft, Merita Bengtsson, Petter Stalin, Veronica Lennefors, Therése Linnér. Post production: Andreas Climent & André Hedetoft Thanks to: Izet Muric

This is a non-profit spec commercial created to demonstrate a concept and the skill of the team involved. All material was created specifically for this short film. This film is in no way affiliated with any companies, movies or other properties. All characters inspiring the film, and their likeness, belong to their respective owners.